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music video production | We are based in Italy and we work remotely.  100% paper made.

The most important part of music is visual part. As visual part is the most important part of a music, that is why you need to focus on it. To make your music videos part so impressive and professional, Animated Video is much have thing you need to add.. We make animated videos. What is it that will help your music stand out from the crowd and give you the chance to win in viral games.

You know not all stop motion videos needs figures or models. Many stop motion film created using various software and elements. We make videos. Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect. but in paper videos products, no need all the mentioned stop-motions. We make paper videos and it will fullfill your all music needs.

Our Experience

Seenfilm Productions house has very talented creative producers. Our music video producers have worked on a variety of projects such as music videos. Also (filmed and animated content), TV commercial, promoting tours, digital commercials, documentaries and worldwide live performance coverage for renowned artist.

We’ve provided motion graphics, stop-motion to various clients and most of them were commercial.

We are the witness of huge effect change in this industry. Also we have used multiple software for multiple purpose to make a videos more professional and interactive. You know the competition in the industry is huge, we work the way so that our clients can stands from the crowds

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How we works?

Seenfilm is located in Italy but we provide creative visual to around the world. The processing is very simple like what everyone else are doing. We work remotely through skype, whatsapp, You can reach us out through this contact us page or find out our contact information on this website. Instagram.

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